360°-Tour Serifos


how it works:


Each of the available panoramas can be accessed via thumbnails, which can be shown and hidden with the menu at the upper left corner.


you can zoom in and out in the panoramas as you like, with the mouse wheel or with spread fingers on touchscreens like tablet, smartphone etc. as well as with the "+ - keys".


Each panorama starts after a few seconds with an automatic rotation movement, this can be deactivated and reactivated via the "Autorotation on/off" button.

Motion mode:

Possibility to switch to continuous motion mode with the mouse or finger and back.


by clicking the "Hotspots on / off" button, all hotspots, info points and image previews can be temporarily hidden for an undisturbed view of the panorama.

Full screen:

by clicking on the button "fullscreen on/off" the panoramas are shown in fullscreen mode, browser lines etc. will be hidden, by pressing the ESC key you get back.


with the map symbol, a map can be displayed and hidden, which shows the location and the current orientation of the panorama. This serves the orientation and navigation, each panorama of this 360°-tour is marked in the map with a marker and can be selected directly from here.


When viewing with mobile devices, a button is displayed to activate the gyro mode, the panoramas can be navigated by moving the smartphone / tablet etc.